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WebXpress Develops Custom Employee Management Application for Security Company

A leading security protection provider hired WebXpress to improve and automate its workforce management processes through the development of a sophisticated web based rostering, payroll, and communication application.

Friday 22 Jan 2010


SIA Security Pty Ltd is one of the leading security protection providers in Queensland and throughout Australia.  A highly skilled team, they offer high risk & general security services to business, government, industry, and private clients.  

SIA has a reliable national network to provide an immediate and professional response to any inquiries. Each member of the company is experienced in dealing with a wide range of security issues and trained to carry out their duties in a lawful manner. All operational personnel are subjected to an extensive employment application process and fitness testing prior to being offered permanent employment with the company.   Operational security officers are provided ongoing vocational training and attend annual fitness assessments. Company personnel are contractually obliged to maintain client confidentiality and attend to their duties in a co-operative manner with the utmost sensitivity.


When SIA approached WebXpress, they had reached a point where its personnel management systems were limiting its growth. In addition, company-wide/national communications, while good, needed to improve to new levels to allow SIA to continue providing the same high-quality service to a rapidly growing customer base.


WebXpress spent a considerable amount of time with SIA management getting to know its current processes and systems. From there, we developed a detailed specification of their business flows. This documentation was essential to the custom-build phase of the project as it outlined scope and features of the solution.

We developed a custom online employee management and communication system that streamlined and automated essential personnel management tasks such as rostering, timesheets, patrol schedules and internal communications.

Our solution, which we are currently installing, will simplify and speed up the difficult and time consuming labour management tasks of:
  • Creating a roster
  • Communicating the roster to staff
  • Confirming who is available to work
  • Providing work instructions
  • Managing last minute changes
  • Managing and auditing timesheet records
  • Processing  wages promptly
  • Managing and fulfilling contracts
  • Streamlined internal and customer reporting


Through the delivery of the custom-made, easy-to-use, web based workforce management application developed by WebXpress, SIA will be able to streamline the employee management process nation-wide. In addition, management will have full visibility of their operations, with each department becoming more accountable with trackable activities.

Specific benefits we predict SIA will experience once the system is finalised include:
  • A significant reduction in management time spent creating rosters.
  • Greater accuracy and reliability of rosters, thus reducing the need to rework the rosters as errors are identified or changes are requested.
  • Easy access to and reporting of individual and group rosters through a centralised system.
  • Staff will be better able to manage their own rostering requirements.
  • Real-time reporting improved communications