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Sure they can do it, but can they do it well?

When we tell people that we plan, design and build websites and web applications they're never that impressed - because, these days, a lot of companies do these things. If they knew how well we did it though (and that other developers come to us for help tackling the complex stuff!), we'd probably get a better reaction. That's because building websites is similar to playing table tennis, lots of people can play...... the thing is that there's a big difference between beating your friends in the garage and winning the Olympics!!

So what do we do well? Our main areas of focus include:

User Experience Design

One of the greatest challenges in designing web based interface is seeing it through the eyes of the end user. Things that are logical to the designers can be infinitely confusing to users, and at the end of the day, the users are the ultimate judge. At WebXpress, we go to great lengths to understand exactly who is using the sites and applications we design, and gather feedback from them. You could say that the users are a part of our design team, and we welcome their input.

Application Design and Development

At WebXpress, we love it when our clients start sentences with the words "wouldn't it be great if people on our website could do this...." That's because the way to bring that idea to life is generally an application that we can custom design for them. As a result of our advanced abilities in the area of customised web design, we are able to assist our customers in moving online many aspects of their businesses that they didn't think possible. Our customers love it (because it streamlines their business), their customers love it (because it saves them time and effort) and we love it (because designing new programs is fun!).

Web Design and Development

A quick surf across the web will prove to anyone that all websites are not created equal. There's the ugly ones, the pretty ones that can't do anything and the ones that get the job done but leave you feeling just a little bored and sad. At WebXpress, our wide range of skills combine perfectly to allow us to design websites that look the part, and can perform beyond even our expectations! That's because we have in-house expertise in truly customised Content Management Systems, as well as designers that know how to create the right look for each client and not make everything uber chic (see, that last phrase was a bit too cool for this website).

Online Marketing

Online marketing, like marketing in general, is a lot like fishing. You have to know what fish you're after, know what bait to use, know where to put the bait and know how to get the fish into the boat. At WebXpress, we assist our clients in all of these aspects. We work with our clients to understand their markets, turn this knowledge into a website that attracts high value traffic, and most importantly, utilise all of our services to convert this traffic into sales. We also focus on tracking performance through the use of hard data, because we all know that fisherman can tell tall tales about the ones that got away....