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Web Design & Development

We wholeheartedly agree there are a lot...let us stress A LOT...of web design companies out there these days! So, how do you choose between them? What we'd recommend - and obviously, we're somewhat biased because we're one of them, and we'd like you to choose us - is asking yourself/your team the following questions before creating a shortlist of agencies to pitch for your work:

1.Why do you need something web related?

And "just because" really isn't a good enough answer. Web work can get expensive fast if you don't have a strong purpose and direction.

2. Do you have a really solid idea of what you want and how you want it to work?

If not, you will need a company/designer who is experienced in web strategy to help you collect your thoughts and establish what you need.

3. What's most important, that your website functions well or visually entices?

Somewhat of a silly question perhaps, as we believe that all sites should both function well and visually entice. However, some sites really do require more creative design elements than others. Take a social networking site versus a fashion site or a youth surf brand - the last two require lots of creativity and aesthetic influences, whereas most social networking sites are quite bland in a design-sense but very rich in what you can do on the sites.

The purpose of asking this question is because you need to ensure the company you pick is up to either task that you require - if you pick an awesome designer who has no software development skills, and yet you require your site to DO lots of nifty things, then you might experience some significant project hiccups!

4. Do you have the capability and resources to you keep your site updated yourself or will you need on-going assistance?

A website that hasn't been updated in months...or years in some cases, does nothing to inspire customer confidence. On top of that, web sites that aren't updated regularly tend to get ranked lower by search engines than similar sites that are kept up-to-date and fresh. So, you need to decide whether you can afford to keep a web agency on board to make regular updates and changes to your site (and then their hourly rate becomes something very significant for you), or whether you need a content management system that you can use to keep your site updated yourself....or you might have in-house IT people who can make the sore of basic changes you think you might require. All these things determine whether your best fit is a freelance web designer, a web design agency, or a web design and development company.

Just by considering these four questions, you will have given some valuable thought to some key issues surrounding web design and development. Once you've answered these you will be better equipped to ask the important questions of the designers/developers you choose to pitch for your work.

And, about us:

  • We can certainly assist you with your web strategy (and are regularly called upon to do this...often it is this very step that sets us apart from other web design firms.....we will help you figure out what you need and what you can do).
  • We are developers as well as designers. Not only do we have the creative skills but we are experts in CSS, web standards and web accessibility, which means your site won't just look pretty, it will work perfectly too! So, we can tackle your most innovative design requests as well as your most complex functional requirements....e-commerce; CRM data integration; social networking tools etc.
  • We have developed our own proprietary content management system, and undertake extensive training with our clients so that they can keep their sites updated themselves if they prefer or we are happy to put clients on monthly maintenance packages if they don't have the time to handle their web updates. We're here to make the world wide web less complex for you!