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Why WebXpress Online Solutions?

WebXpress Online Solutions proudly creates sophisticated web sites and web applications that are designed with the user uppermost in mind. Our solutions solve business problems and create significant business value.... and we do it faster, more cost-effectively and better than you can do it yourself! If we didn't focus on these things, what would be the point? Providing ROI is what we live for. Our solutions are performance-driven. They must be measurable and drive real results for our clients.

WebXpress will help you achieve what most other developers in Qld would find too complex!

Here are 5 reasons why we're able to do this:

  1. Our Results Focus

    What's the point of doing anything if it doesn't get any real, quantifiable results? We're all about return-on-investment (ROI) and hold ourselves 100% accountable. And, from the very outset of a project, we'll tell you if we think the value is there in the investment and what the chances of results are.

  2. Our Project Management Process

    Our distinctive and innovative project management process underpins our capability. Project Management is a discipline, and as such we have spent years developing and fine-tuning the most effective and streamlined techniques and distinct technical skills that ensure achievement of all project goals and objectives, while honouring project constraints (i.e. scope, timely delivery, and budget).

    Project management excellence today goes beyond producing project charters, detailed schedules and colourful status reports. Our project managers possess the skills necessary to combat a myriad of modern challenges. Our process is characterised by concise documentation, thorough planning, constant communications, transparency of activity, anticipation of needs, and project control systems.

  3. Our Finger is on the Pulse

    WebXpress prides itself on exploring and delivering cutting edge technology solutions that set the bar. We employ the highest rated industry tools and hold certifications to manage and expedite development. Our professionals have not only significant experience in dealing with complex technology issues, but also certifications in the technology they use. We have proven experience successfully designing and developing large scale applications with multiple stakeholders and complex data manipulation. We are frequently engaged by other technology firms who leverage our capabilities to provide a value-add to their clients.

    And how's this for summing up the complex world that confronts every morning when we wake:

    'Today's core technologies--computing, storage, and bandwidth--are not stabilizing. They continue to evolve at an exponential rate. And because the underlying technologies don't stabilize, the social and business practices that coalesce into our new digital infrastructure aren't stabilizing either. Businesses and, more broadly, social, educational, and economic institutions, are left racing to catch up with the steadily improving performance of the foundational technologies. '

    'The New Reality: Constant Disruption', by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison, HBR Online, January 17 2009

  4. Our Experience

    We can provide concrete examples of the complex problems we've worked on and the innovative solutions we've developed, just see our portfolio, client list, and case studies.

  5. Our Quality Engineering and Quality Control Processes

    WebXpress engineers solutions, we don't just build them. Engineering a solution means a methodical approach to designing the solution BEFORE we write the first line of code. The Director of WebXpress is a highly experienced software engineer and certified CMMI Assessor. He has embedded engineering methodologies throughout every part of the organisation.

    We have established superior quality engineering and quality control processes to ensure our solutions meet their quality goals. In our industry, quality control refers to specified functional requirements as well as non-functional requirements such as usability, performance, security and scalability. It also refers to the ability for software applications to perform well in unforeseeable scenarios and reduce defect rates. Formal verification and validation are an essential part of every process at WebXpress, and ensure that our solutions are designed methodically and delivered to an exceptional level of quality.